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Enjoying the Art of Radio

iRF Technology Ltd is on a mission to find the essence of Amateur Radio, pack it in a box and have it delivered to you.

In a time when this hobby is changing so much, there is one thing that stayed the same: the enjoyment of building your station and experimenting with radio waves.

Advanced but simple

We make electronic kits for the Amateur Radio market.

Yes, we strive to put research, technology and complex design in every kit, but we also strive to make it simple. Simple for you to build, understand and use.

Razvan Fatu

Razvan Fatu


I’m the designer of these kits and fully stand behind them. I’m glad to answer any question you might have about assembling the kits, planning your build or any general question on LDMOS amplifiers.

My background is in engineering and marketing but I’m very passionate about amateur radio and mountain hiking.

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