F1500 160m-4m 1500W Low Pass Filter kit

  • 7 selectable Low Pass Filters covering 1.8 to 72MHz
  • Handles 1500W PEP
  • Excellent harmonic attenuation with low insertion loss
  • SMA connectors for RF input and output ports
  • Solder pads for coax cable (recommended at 1kW or more, instead of SMA connectors)
  • Uses quality RF grade capacitors (rated for high voltage and RF current) and iron powder cores
  • Easy to control with TTL levels from Arduino type boards
  • Compact size, PCB is just 190x110mm
  • Stackable with the A600 v2.0 (and later) amplifier board

All details are described in the included documentation. This is a kit and requires assembly.

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The F1500 is a board of Low Pass Filters designed to work with the A600 1.8-72MHz 600W amplifier board, but it can be used to filter output harmonics for any HF/low-VHF amplifier up to 1500W.

This is an Advanced level kit and assumes you have a good understanding of electronics. The PCB is supplied with the surface-mount components already installed, but some of the parts supplied in this kit will require assembly and soldering.

The Control Port is used to interface with a control unit that will provide +12V @ 200mA supply and filter selection. It is designed to be easily interfaced with a microcontroller of your choice (eg: Arduino). The signals are better described in the provided Assembly Instructions.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


  • Power handling: 1500W PEP from 1.8MHz to 72MHz
  • Insertion loss: -0.2dB typical, maximum of -0.38dB
  • 3rd harmonic attenuation: better than -40dB
  • Connectors: SMA for RF signals, 2.54mm spaced header for Control Port
  • Size: 190x110mm

Kit Contents

  • 190*110mm PCB board with installed SMD parts
  • Full set of magnetic cores & wires for inductors (require winding)
  • Relays, connectors
  • Assembly instructions



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