SP900 2-way RF Splitter for 810MHz-960MHz

  • Designed for the Helium network and LoRa applications
  • Allows using two receivers/transmitters with the same antenna
  • Typical 3.7dB total insertion loss (splitter + attenuation + connector losses)
  • Typical 40dB @ 868MHz, 25dB @ 915MHz port isolation
  • 50 ohm input/output impedance, DC blocking
  • Dedicated RP-SMA connectors to minimize losses

All details are described in the included documentation.

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The P900 2-way RF Splitter is designed to allow sharing one antenna between two devices (transmitters, receivers, hotspots etc) for Helium network and LoRa applications. It features excellent separation, maintains impedance matching and works on many LoRa band standards (Europe, North & South America, Australia, India, South Korea etc).

A high gain external antenna can be used by more than one device at the same time, either to save costs or when the location restrictions don’t allow for multiple antennas. Thanks to a carefully engineered design, this splitter adds only 0.7dB additional loss on top of the 3dB signal reduction associated with dividing signals across two separate ports. This applies both ways (transmitted and received signals).

Typical figures for port isolation are 40dB @ 868MHz and 25dB @ 915MHz, making this safe to use when a device is transmitting and another is receiving. All ports are matched to 50ohm and have DC blocking.

Quality RP-SMA connectors are convenient as they’re compatible with the most popular equipment and no additional adaptors are required (which will add small but unnecessary losses).

This product is developed and tested in the UK using latest generation calibrated RF lab equipment and is being manufactured in the EU at the highest standards.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


  • 810-960MHz frequency coverage
  • 3.7dB typical total insertion loss
  • 40dB @ 868MHz, 25dB @ 915MHz port isolation
  • 30+dB power handling
  • 50ohm
  • all ports have DC blocking
  • RP-SMA connectors

Kit contents

  • SP900 2-way Splitter Unit
  • User instructions


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